Where Were You? Remembering the Tornado Outbreak April 27, 2011

April 27, 2011… It only seems like yesterday we were all sitting around our houses with no power, wondering if our friends and  loved ones had survived the devastation of the horrific tornado outbreak five years ago.  I remember it well.  Steph and I were talking this morning about what we were doing when the storms hit. Do you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing that infamous day five years ago?

Smith_Jasper_Clarke_Counties_tornado_2011-04-27 I also wanted to remind everyone how our time on this earth is not guaranteed for any certain length and how something like a tornado outbreak, a car wreck, illness, etc. can quickly take someone away from us in the blink of an eye.April_27,_2011_Mississippi_tornado_damageLet us remember those that lost their lives April 27, 2011 and keep their memories alive! Let’s also thank those that worked so hard and tirelessly to help out in the recovery and cleanup of this horrific disaster.  That was truly a time where people came together, neighbors helping neighbors and strangers coming to the aid of people they had never met before.  Caring was something we all remembered how to do.Cullman2011EF4Our fast paced world slowed down by Mother Nature, we had to adapt to a slower way of life.  No microwaves for quick meals, no hot water for a nice refreshing shower and no devices to babysit our kids but we managed and here we are back to that fast paced world once again.helping

Many of you that read this were affected that day. Where were you?  What were you doing when it all hit?  Did you lose someone during that tragic event? Comment and share your stories and let us remember those loved ones that were lost.






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