We ROCKed and We Loved the ROLLs!!!

We heard that Rock n Roll Sushi had opened so we were very excited to give it a try!! Upon entering the place we couldn’t help but notice this great bar completely covered up with people getting their drinks and eats on.


Your eyes gaze around at all of the cool rock memorabilia and the TV’s showing the different football games that were being played at the time. You can somewhat hear rock music playing in the background.


Waiters and waitresses pass by carrying some of the most interesting looking rolls you have ever seen! I guess because they are still in the early stages of being open, there wasn’t anyone to greet us or to explain how the seating was done.


We stood there a minute or two and realized that for at least now it is a seat yourself/ first come, first serve kind of place which was totally fine with us. Upon sitting down we were greeted by a real sweetheart named Athena who brought us our menus and took our drink order.

They did not have any draft beer at the time but offered a sweet little deal of $2 domestic beers so that’s what we opted for. The super cool menus were none other than old record albums filled with a huge array of the most amazing sounding sushi rolls donning the names of all of the great rock legends. They also have appetizers as well as hibachi grilled combination plates. Believe me when I say that their menu is super impressive!


It took a while to finally decide what we wanted as there were so many different choices. We had the Fleetwood Mac Roll, the Shrimp Tempura Roll and then we split one of the hibachi combination plates of chicken and shrimp.


“Goodness! Gracious! Great balls of fire!” the food was out of this world!! The rolls were so fresh and colorful and did not disappoint at all and the hibachi plate was equally enjoyable.  

All of the veggies were grilled to perfection as well as the shrimp and chicken. The sauce that lightly glazed everything was pure deliciousness and let’s just say that the fried rice was to die for!!  Needless to say when we left, our tummies were completely satisfied!


It is obvious that other things are in the works for Campus 805 but without a doubt Rock n Roll Sushi is sure to become a local favorite!!


Get on over there and get your Rock on and tell us what your favorite Roll is!!

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