Stay Hydrated During the Summer Heat

(Disclaimer:  We were asked to try Alkalife TEN Spring Water, and received a 12 pack for trial purposes.  All opinions expressed in this blog post are those of Grub & Love.)

It can be a bit challenging to try to be healthy at all times when you are foodies and food bloggers!  So, one of the ways we try to incorporate some healthy elements while we enjoy our wonderful food lover weekends and traveling is to drink plenty of water.  It’s been one hot summer in Huntsville, AL. so keeping hydrated as we take long hikes up in the mountains, brisk walks at the greenways or do yard work is really important.  Stephanie has never been a fan of spring water and has only bought purified water. When we were asked to try Alkalife TEN pH Spring waters we were a little skeptical about how it might taste or even if it would do anything more for us than any other bottled water.

Alkalife TEN pH Spring Water tastes pure and fresh and I actually felt more energized and alert as I was drinking it and for sometime after.  Alkalife TEN is sourced from the purest springs in America and is infused with a patented formulation of minerals that raise the pH balance to the perfect 10.  Many of the other purified waters out there are just tap water that has been filtered.  I have suffered from heartburn now for many years and I’ve noticed that while I have been drinking Alkalife TEN,  it is not near as frequent and I have stopped having to use OTC acid reducer.  A great benefit if you ask me!

Alkalife TEN pH Spring water is sold in many locations now like Publix and Whole Foods with many more brick and mortar stores making it available.  You can also purchase it online through Amazon and Go give it a try!  I’m pretty sure you will see the benefits for yourself!

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