Now That’s One Good Dog!

We are huge foodies so we just had to check out this place we had been hearing about called Good Dog in the NorthShore community of Chattanooga, Tennessee and all I can say is that it totally lives up to it’s name.

Good Dog 8

They have a huge list of gourmet hotdogs and sausages as well as seasonal soups and desserts. And not to give too much away but there are holes in the tables and you will not want to miss what these are for!

Good Dog 2

You can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic while looking around inside the restaurant at all of the fun things they have displayed and their choice of music is not too bad either, I might add.

As we were eating we couldn’t help but notice a couple outside the restaurant standing close like they were posing for a picture but as we watched a bit longer we could see that they were dancing together. We thought it was cute and upon leaving we finally saw why they had been dancing.

Northshore 8

There in the concrete were bronze footsteps. We grabbed hands and began dancing just as the couple had done and created a fun little memory. These footsteps are all over the place so grab your partner’s hand and have some fun!

We had the Carolina and the Reuben and they were so yummy!  And I cannot leave out the Gravy ‘N Cheez Pleez Frites that we had. (Frites are what they call their fries!) Everything was so delicious and flavorful. You definitely get a feeling that you will be making a trip back soon to get your Good Dog fix!!

This Dog Dust was so good also!  We sprinkled it on our fries and even on our dogs.

Good Dog 3

Take a look around at all the different little salt and pepper shakers that top every table too. You just may recognize a set that you grew up using yourself.

Check out Good Dog’s website and menu by clicking here!  This is a must if you are in the Chattanooga area!  You will love the NorthShore community so much.  Read our post about NorthShore and all of the great things to do and see there by clicking here!

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  1. Lynda | 6th Aug 17

    That looks pretty cool! The atmosphere looks like a great place to hang out.

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