Lartigue’s Fresh Seafood Market, Orange Beach, Alabama

Next time you head down to the beautiful Alabama gulf coast for a long weekend or that family vacation, you need to make a stop at Lartigue’s Seafood Market.  Lartigue’s has been a family owned and operated seafood market since 1979 and is a staple in the Orange Beach, Alabama community.  Definitely some of the best seafood I have personally ever eaten.  lartigues-5

This was my first time to visit the market and I was very impressed. I found it to be a favorite among the locals and I can certainly see why.


As we walked in the door, the most wonderful aroma of steamed shrimp and fish took over our senses. There were several others placing their orders and then soon we were the next ones in line. There in front of us on ice was some of the biggest shrimp we had ever seen. We made our selection and then took a look around the place.


You feel as though you have walked into and old bait and tackle store right in the swamps of Louisiana. Hanging on the walls were fishing tackle for sale, coolers, rods, reels and pictures of men, women & children holding up their prized catches.


Lartigue’s is more than just a seafood market though. They also have all of the fixings to go along with the fresh seafood that can be steamed and seasoned on site. They have corn, potatoes and even some of the best slaw you could ever put in your mouth.


They also had a big pot of homemade gumbo that they allow you sample as you wait for your order. You can buy this delicious gumbo hot or take some home that has been frozen. After sampling the gumbo, it was evident that we would be ordering some of it too.


We had several pounds of steamed shrimp along with the fixings and believe me when I say that everything was so fresh, delicious and well seasoned. They even sent us home with cocktail sauce. All we had to do when we got back to our condo was pop some bread in the oven.

We felt it was one of our most enjoyable meals on that trip and we vowed to always make that a place we visit on returning trips to Orange Beach.  Check out their website by clicking here!

Give Lartigue’s a try and let us know what think!

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  1. Donya | 19th Jul 17

    Gulf Shores /Orange Beach is one of our favorite places to go. We almost tried this place last year. We’ll be sure to get our fix in September. Next time be sure try the oyster shooters at Acme Oyster House. Even if you’re not an oyster or vodka fan, they can’t be beat! Happy travels!

    • jamesandsteph | 20th Jul 17

      Oh my goodness Donna, that sounds so great! We will definitely have to give that a try! One day I hope to call the beach my home. Being there just puts me in the most peaceful state of mind.

  2. Donya | 29th Jul 17

    Staci and I are moving there in a few years. Whether we can afford it or not, lol! We love it and my soul was born to be gathering shells! Keep trucking!

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