Welcome to Huntsville, Kona Grill!

We attended the soft opening of Kona Grill on Saturday and what a great night it was! Kona Grill is a new restaurant located at Bridge Street Town Centre. The type of food they serve can be best described as contemporary Asian American cuisine.


The restaurant is nestled among the shops but make no mistake about it, this place stands out. With its outdoor seating and spectacular bar that is half inside, half outside, Kona Grill is a beautiful place.


We were greeted by smiling faces and then made our way inside only to be blown away at how stunning this place was. It has a very open and airy feel and it’s kitchen and sushi station are visible to all which is a fascinating element.


The ambiance of this place is great and beckons you to linger and take in the sights, sounds and incredible tastes. They began serving a variety of drinks such as wine, cocktails and beer.


We tried the red and white sangria and loved them both. Next, we tried the strawberry basil lemonade and was that ever incredible!

Soon the waitstaff began bringing out many different tasty treats for us to sample. Our eyes were first met by the most amazing looking tray of cheeseburger sliders and they were so delicious!  The buns were so fresh and the meat was delightfully juicy.They had house-made pickles on them which added a super yummy crunch. Next came yellowtail and tuna sashimi and they were both fresh and delicate.


The next thing we had were the pot stickers which could only be described as little bundles of yumminess. They were soft, yet had a slightly seared crunch that once bitten, gave way to a delicious filling of flavorful chicken and vegetables.


The friendly wait staff began coming around to the different tables bringing the most delicious looking flatbreads and as no surprise, they tasted just as delightful as they looked. Very colorful and extremely appetizing.


We decided to make our way over to sample some of their beautiful sushi rolls and what a real treat they were. Little bursts of flavor took over our taste buds with each different roll. Fresh crab, shrimp and tuna along with cucumber, avocado and asparagus are just a few of the delightful ingredients that filled their fresh sushi rolls.


They began bringing out different dishes with the most aromatic fragrances. First up was the miso-sake sea bass with fried rice and ratatouille which was delicate and tasty. After that, we tried the macadamia nut chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables and that dish was fantastic.


Following that was the almond crusted pork tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes with shiitake mushroom sauce and that dish was most delectable. By this time things were beginning to wind down so we asked for a cup of coffee to go with the dessert that we knew would soon be making its way out.


Their rich, dark coffee paired very well with their sinfully sweet treats.We sampled passion fruit creme brulee, carrot cake and fudge brownies and although each was uniquely different, they were all wonderfully delicious in their own way. The creme brulee was creamy and sweet with a touch of tartness; the carrot cake was very moist with the slightest hint of spice and that paired with the cream cheese icing on top was scrumptious, and the brownie was bittersweet and dusted with powdered sugar.


There were many other wonderfully described items on their menu that we did not get to sample but that just gives us another excuse to go back. Kona Grill is an excellent addition to our city and to Bridgestreet and we know without a doubt that it is going to do very well here. Go and give them a try and let us know what your favorite dish is!

Kona Grill – Huntsville

435 The Bridge Street Town Centre NW, Ste. 150, Huntsville, AL 35806


(256) 808-2540


Monday 11AM–10PM
Tuesday 11AM–10PM
Wednesday 11AM–10PM
Thursday 11AM–10PM
Friday 11AM–11PM
Saturday 11AM–11PM
Sunday 11AM–10PM


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  1. Lynda S | 17th Oct 16

    Girl – wasn’t that just an incredible evening?! That strawberry basil lemonade – I could have drunk an entire pitcher – it was so good. I would have loved to have sampled more of the food, but I got carried away with the sushi. So. Freakin’. Good!

    • jamesandsteph | 17th Oct 16

      It certainly was Lynda! Everything was so great from the food to the drinks as well as the company! That place will be covered up with people all the time! You and Jeff will have to meet us there again soon so we can try some different things!

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