Happy Wife, Happy Life

I used to really like that term happy wife, happy life but as I have gotten older I realized what a selfish statement that was. It dawned on me that I don’t want to be in a relationship where I am the only one happy and where the whole concept of “happiness” revolves around me. No, I want so much more than that.

I want to be in a relationship where I strive daily to make my partner just as happy as he strives to do for me. Let me go ahead and say that I hold no license for counseling but rather have lived and made many mistakes and have hopefully learned from them. I married young with grandeur ideas that it would be forever but unfortunately that wasn’t the case so now I am having to take inventory of the things I did that contributed to the downfall of my marriage.

I have to do this so that history doesn’t repeat itself with my future relationships.

As one matures and grows emotionally, their needs grow also. It’s important to remember that in a relationship there are two people who each have needs and it takes communication followed by action to ensure both get what is needed. Where there is a lack of communication, things go unsaid, resentments build up and then what once was a great marriage is now just a shell of one.

Each person needs to have their feelings validated in order for there to be equality and each person needs to earnestly listen with their hearts. Listen to how your partner is feeling without getting defensive and then look inwardly at the things you can do to show your partner you will guard and protect their heart and don’t ever be afraid to say those two words, “I’m sorry”.

Those two words go too often unsaid but have such a tremendous impact. It shows vulnerability in that you are letting your guard down in order to show your partner you validate their hurt feelings but it also shows great strength that you can own up to your mistakes. This is a win, win situation for both. And another really great thing that can happen after a squabble that is resolved is passionate love making.

Come on ladies you know after he has made you so mad you can’t see straight but then owns up to his mistake plus apologizes….well that right there just melts our hearts and brings out the animals in us! Men, take heart. It’s so true!

So let me conclude by saying this, a happy life makes for a happy wife or husband or partner or significant other so go out there and just be happy!!


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