Come On In and Sit A Spell

Welcome to Grub & Love y’all!

We are so glad you could join us!  This little adventure has been a dream and passion of ours for quite some time now and we are so excited to finally say “We’re Open!” After years of following blogs about food and travel, we decided, here we are in our early 40’s living life, cooking together, traveling to fun and interesting destinations, trying new things and remembering old things and we wanted to share those adventures with you!

As with all things new, we are still improving our site to get all the kinks worked out.  Steph is hard at it getting her recipes ready to share and writing some fond memories she had making them with her mother, grandmothers and sister.  We will be posting those very soon!  She has some great stories to tell!!  Be sure to check out “It All Makes Scents…” where she shares with you some of her sweet memories growing up!

We hope you come and check out Grub & Love daily, but if you can’t and you’re just too busy with all of life’s little curves, please subscribe to us and you will get a weekly newsletter with all we’ve been up to and highlights of our past posts, plus a list of happenings in our area!  It will be enjoyable and informative!

As we grow in our endeavors, travels, tastes and relationship, our blog will grow with it.  Please comment and share with us your adventures as well!  We are sincerely interested in our reader’s lives and want to hear your stories!  Help us grow and not just a be a couple of bloggers and readers, but a community, a family and friends!  Like my Grandpa used to say, “Come on in and sit a spell” and make yourselves at home with Grub & Love!

~James and Steph



  1. Rita | 1st Apr 16

    I very much enjoyed each item you have included and looking forward to
    your next installment.

    • jamesandsteph | 1st Apr 16

      Thank you so much for your sweet words!! We are certainly glad you enjoyed it and so happy you are joining us on our journey!!!

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