Get Hooked on Bonefish Grill’s New Seasonal Menu

Disclaimer *We were provided gift cards to try the new seasonal items. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

Great Ambiance

If your city is lucky enough to have a Bonefish Grill then I don’t have to tell you what a great restaurant this is. From the moment you walk in you know that you are in for a great dining experience. All you have to do is look around and see the other patrons smiling and enjoying their cocktails at the bar or their delicious looking meals at their table.

The ambiance is very welcoming at Bonefish Grill as they have a very open dining room. Their staff is professional as well as very knowledgeable about their menu items. This always impresses me about a  place as many times I will ask the wait staff their favorite menu items and often will go with something they have recommended.

New Seasonal Menu

They have their classic items such as their beloved Bang Bang Shrimp, Fontina Pork Chop and a wide array of fresh fish that can be prepared most any way you prefer but they have also added some great new seasonal items to their menu that we were able to try and we thoroughly enjoyed them all.

Bang Bang Shrimp and the Ocean Trust Tropic Martini

The Crab Topped Cobia was this delicate and tasty fish that had a delicious crab stuffing atop it along with a wonderfully spicy bacon jalapeño cream sauce. This came with a choice of two sides so we chose the steamed broccoli and jasmine rice.

Crab Topped Cobia

The Creole Style Redfish made you feel like you were in the Big Easy with a flavorful creole sauce and plump crawfish. It was paired with the most wonderful sweet corn spoonbread and french style green beans.

Creole Style Redfish

The Cedar Plank Norwegian Salmon had the most delectable glaze of sweet honey and Dijon. I had never had anything cooked on a cedar plank before but my goodness was it incredible! It was paired with jasmine rice and a medley of asparagus, button mushrooms, pearl onions and spring peas which were delightful!

Cedar Plank Norwegian Salmon

We couldn’t leave without sharing a dessert so we opted for the Strawberry Shortcake. Three words…..To Die For! The shortcake was delicious all on its own but topped with wonderfully sweet strawberries and homemade whipped cream made it heavenly.

Strawberry Shortcake

Amazing Drinks

Bonefish is also very well known for their amazing hand-crafted martinis. I personally adore the Ocean Trust Tropic Martini. It is this sweet yet savory concoction of pineapple infused vodka, muddled mango and lime juice with the heat of a jalapeño. The rim is sweet and savory also and will remind you of the sandy beach. A portion of the proceeds for this martini goes toward the support of the Ocean Trust Foundation so I look at that as a win/win kind of thing!! They get lots of my support throughout the year…..let’s just say that!

One of the new seasonal martinis at Bonefish is the Wild Orchid Hawaiian Martini. As you can imagine it is filled with rum, pineapple juice and coconut water and is finished with a floating Hawaiian style edible orchid. This martini is as beautiful as it is delicious and do give the flower a try! Now that I’ve got your mouth-watering, what are you waiting for? Make those reservations and go give their new seasonal items a try for yourself!!

Bonefish Grill

4800 Whitesburg Drive South,
Huntsville, AL 35802-1698


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