Black Friday, Mishaps and Memories

Guest Blogger:


Guess what ya’ll? It’s almost time for Thanksgiving!! I absolutely love this time of year. I get to see out of town family and friends. I get to love on my cousin’s babies and hand them back when I am done. I also get to eat like a cow and not feel one bit guilty about it (Ok, honestly I never really feel guilty about what I eat, I mean everyone has to eat so we might as well enjoy it). One of my favorite things about this time of year is Black Friday. There is something about this craziness that I cannot resist. If you have never been among those of us that venture out into this chaos, you are missing out. Everyone should witness it first-hand at least once. Prime people watching at its best!

Now that my kids are older they come with me. I would say my youngest gets more excited about it than I do because she has been planning her Black Friday shopping for months. Most of the time I have already done the bulk of my shopping for all three kids at this point, so I usually end up doing a little shopping for me. Occasionally though there will be deals offered on things that they want that make it necessary to endure waiting in line at Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy or Belk.

Black Friday 2013 was one of those times. I had waited outside of Belk for the store to open so that I could purchase my girls some boots that they had both been wanting. They were so deeply discounted that I could not pass this up. As the store opened, I found and purchased four pairs of boots (I think I spent around $120.00, so anyone that is thrifty as I am can certainly understand why I was there). I had been there a total of 10 minutes and was already done. I began to make my way out of the enormous crowd when IT happened.

A lady was headed towards me carrying a tower of boxes when they all began to fall. A corner of one of the shoe boxes jabbed me in my eyeball, and I was instantly blinded. I felt as if I had a knife sticking in my eye. I could not see to call my kids or text them, and I certainly could not walk around because I would inevitably trip and fall over the hundreds of people, boxes and shoes that were scattered everywhere. I am clumsy enough when I can see so I could only imagine what would happen while temporarily blinded. I sat there for what seemed like forever waiting on my kids or anyone to rescue me….. Finally, my son found me, and we left.
I had to cut my shopping short and ended up spending the rest of that weekend in a dark room praying that this shopping trip was not going to be the cause of me being permanently blind. I vowed that I was done with being part of the insanity known as Black Friday. I kept thinking about having to wear a patch to cover my blind eye and what would I tell people that asked what happened….. I was blinded by a shoe box???

My vision did come back in a few days, and all was well. Fortunately, the next year I was able to purchase Black Friday deals on the Wednesday before. I also went shopping on Black Friday again but was able to avoid the shoe department altogether.
This year I will do as I have done since 2002. I will head out, with my kids and some friends and kick off the holiday season. Christmas music will be playing, and businesses will be decorated. We will stand in line to get in a store, stand in line to pay, laugh and make memories. This is also a fun time for us to reminisce about years past.


After shopping, we will head home and nap and may venture out shopping again at some point that day. One thing is for certain; I get to make memories with my kids, and that is invaluable. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please be safe. Oh, and be nice to everyone you meet….. All it takes is a smile!







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