Big Spring Crush 2017

It’s that time of year again when you get that sweet tease of fall, football season has begun and the grapes are ready to be harvested.  Yep, I said it, the grapes are ready for harvest and what does that mean?  It means that all over the country right now cities are getting ready for big wine festivals and Huntsville has not been left out, thanks to Homegrown Huntsville!

Photo Credit: Gregg Glemis

The Big Spring Crush is a fun festival style event set in the middle of downtown Huntsville in Big Spring Park.  We went last year and said we would never miss one!  Great times with like minded people who love wine!  What more could you ask for? Right?!

A little History of BSC

Homegrown Huntsville, a local small business that specializes in event planning, started the Big Spring Crush four years ago and it has grown into a premier wine tasting event in the south.  Started by Ashley Ryals, Homegrown Huntsville, first brought the Dine and Dash to Huntsville, but felt like a wine festival in Huntsville would be an amazing attraction to our growing city. Her drive and determination would bring our first Big Spring Crush in 2014 and it has been growing ever since.  This year’s BSC is no exception with an anticipated growth of over 500 from last year.

In the previous years the festival had all the local distributors and one supplier, but this year they will have all the local distributors and nine suppliers from California, giving all that are going a wonderful tasting experience.  There will be over 200 wines for your tasting if you purchased a VIP ticket and 150 wines to taste for the general admission ticket.  Unlimited tasting was something that really grabbed my attention.  

Photo Credit: Gregg Glemis

There are no tickets you must provide to a vendor to taste their wine and if you want to try it again, go for it!  Just remember there will be over 150 wines to try!

Great for the Beginner and Experienced Wine Lover

One of the great things about the Big Spring Crush, is if you are new to wine or just think, “Ehhhh, wine is just not for me.”  you should really go and take the opportunity to try all the different variations of wine.  I know when I first started getting into wine it was a little different  than what I was accustomed to.

Photo Credit: Gregg Glemis

But going to several tastings I learned that there are so many different flavors and aromas and now I have grown to enjoy wine and all its special qualities. But fear not you folks that just don’t like wine, but your better half dragged you kicking and screaming to the BSC…  They will be serving beer by the glass!  I got to  try a new beer last year from Salty Nut Brewery that was amazing at The Crush!  

Food and Drink

Speaking of beer by the glass, the Crush will be serving wine and beer by the glass for only $4.00, so when you want to sit and relax for a few moments after tasting all the fabulous wines on display, you can purchase a glass and something to eat and enjoy the live entertainment they will have.

Phote Credit: Gregg Glemis

This year Church Street will be closed off and there will be several of Huntsville’s best food trucks serving wine inspired menus just for The Crush!  Oh my goodness, I’m so excited about that!!  Some of this years trucks include:  I Love Bacon, Manic Organic, Fire and Spice, Beast Mode and Back Alley Bistro!!  

Photo Credit: Gregg Glemis

Stomping Grapes for a Cause

Be sure to go and get your feet a little messy for a wonderful cause.  You know you have always wanted to crush grapes with your feet and now here is your chance.  For a monetary donation of your choice, you can stomp grapes just as the masters did in Italy years ago!

Photo Credit: Gregg Glemis

 The donations will go to Susie’s Wish.  This was started by the family of Susie Edwards who was a local news personality on WAAY TV 31.  Susie passed away from cancer but before she did she wanted to go to the beach one last time.  Her wish inspired Susie’s Wish to send terminally ill people to the beach so they can experience the feel of the sand between their toes and listen to the waves crash in.  

Photo Credit: Gregg Glemis

It really is a beautiful thing they do and we are going to support it while stomping the heck out of some grapes!  


Let’s not forget that this is not just a wine tasting event, but a celebration of the love of wine and the harvest of the grapes.  And what would a wine festival be without some incredible entertainment!  2017 is bringing us Milltowne,  a band that acoustically blends the musical genres of folk, bluegrass, gospel, rock, blues, and country.  I’ve listened to them and they are phenomenal!!  

Photo Credit: Gregg Glemis

There will also be the great Winslow Davis Ensemble that will blow your socks off with their mesmerizing music! We heard them at last year’s Crush and my oh my they are so good!!  Love the electric violin!  

Photo Credit: Gregg Glemis

Also, for you football fans there will be an area where you can watch some of the games that are being played so you can keep up with all the latest scores. 

Support Local

The Big Spring Crush was created to support Huntsville and the local community and they try to use as many local businesses they can for this event.  Another great reason you should attend!  

Photo Credit: Gregg Glemis

10 Essential Tips for Wine Festivals

  1. Get ready for your day: Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a hat and an easy-to-carry bag are all must-haves.
  2. Allow time for traffic and parking. There will be other events going on around downtown.
  3. Eat before you enter. If you were not going to take advantage of the Food Trucks available.
  4. Drink plenty of  water. Drink plenty of water.  There will be bottled waters provided at the Crush
  5. Make liberal use of dump buckets. While a tasting is meant to be just that–a taste, in our experience it is not unusual to find booths pouring half glasses of wine. If you plan on trying a dozen or more wines, you will want to pace yourself.
  6. Focus on wineries whose wines you haven’t tried–this is your opportunity to discover new favorites.
  7. Ditto on unusual wine varietals. Not familiar with Albariño or Aglianico? This is your chance. Keep an open mind as you sip and learn.
  8. Ask questions! The pouring staff are typically very knowledgeable and glad to share the story of their wines with you.
  9. Collect business cards from wineries whose wines you’d like to purchase later–or snap photos of their labels.
  10. Consider designating a driver or hiring a car for the ride home.


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