About Us

Well hey there! Who are we, you ask?  We are a couple of everyday kind of people in our forties, living life and loving it!  Some of the things we touch on in our blog are traveling to new places, favorite places to eat, romantic getaways, family vacations… goodness the list goes on and on!  

We want to share with you little pieces of our lives that we hope encourage and inspire you and maybe even give you a fresh perspective but we also hope to make you laugh a little along the way. Afterall, laughter is the best medicine, right?!

Steph loves to cook and will share with you some of her favorite recipes.  She has traveled quite a bit and has all kind of money saving tips for the family vacation or romantic getaway. She also has a knack for giving great advice on all kinds of things so expect lots of little gems from her.

Meet Stephanie East

I, on the other hand, am the geek of the two and that’s ok! Shhh……Steph thinks that smarties are sexy and I’m down with that! We are both very passionate people as you will find and we hope you enjoy this ride called Grub & Love.

Meet James Stovall 

We both love good food and aren’t afraid to travel to get it. That’s how Grub & Love came to be, so we could share with you our wild and wonderful adventures, along with many other fun things we do as a couple as well as with the family.

We are so glad you have decided to join us on this journey as we share our passion for life, love, travel and amazing grub!  We hope our blog can be an inspiration to you through our little and sometimes BIG adventures!