8 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Us

Ok men, here you go! You try and try to figure us out so I thought I’d create a little cheat sheet for you so maybe, and that’s a BIG maybe,  you will gain a better understanding of how we work and think.  Ladies, if you have anything you would like to add please feel free to comment so that we can help our guys get to know us a little better and know what we like and dislike.  Hopefully, these few tidbits will save some couples from having silly arguments.

The List!! 

  1. When we tell you about something that is troubling us we are just venting.  We are not asking you to fix the problem, we just want you to listen.
  2. We are insecure at times so even though it may be instinctual for you to glance in the direction of an attractive woman, we strongly suggest you do it in the most discreet way, otherwise expect a heap of questions about the woman that you may find uncomfortable to answer or that could land you sleeping on the couch for the night.
  3. We are notorious for changing our hair either by way of style or color.woman-586185_1920 Please take the time to notice and comment. *As a side note, the way you say things should be done delicately. If you like it, let us know!! If you don’t, kindly find a way to let us know you prefer it a different way. For example: “You have to like your hair and when you feel good about yourself then that confidence shows but I just gotta tell you, you are a knockout when you wear your hair like________!!” See how that went? You are letting her know that it’s her hair and you respect her choice but you are showing her that you take notice and find her irresistible when she wears it a certain way. We like feedback and we value your opinion but we also appreciate you trusting us to take risks and try new things.
  4. When we ask if we should wear this dress or those shoes, we want your honest opinion and not just a blanket comment like “Whatever you feel like wearing will be fine” Come on!! This is your chance to recommend that sexy red dress you love to see us in!!
  5. Foreplay seriously does start the minute after the last time we make love. We are like crock-pots and require some time before we are ready to get things cooking but I can almost guarantee that if you are patient and do this, it will pay off big time!!
  6. We like to be touched and often but not just in the bedroom. We like when you come up behind us while we are cooking or reading a book and kiss the back of our neck without any expectations for anything more. We do not operate the way you do nor do we think about sex as often as you so tender touches without any strings attached mean a lot to us. But rest assured, we do think about sex!! We just so happen to also think about our kids, our jobs or the next PTA meeting.
  7. We are hopeless romantics and to us chivalry is not dead. Find opportunities to show us and the world you are proud to have us by your side. Open a door for us or hold our hand as we walk from place to place. But also know this about us…we can be moody and temperamental so if we pull away or give you a look like “what the hell are you doing?” just overlook us for a day or so and then try it again!!
  8. Lastly…..we are unique and wonderfully complicated creatures that you will never fully understand. We are made up of many, many layers but hopefully this will help give you a tiny glimpse into how we think and feel.

fitness-332278_1920I’m sure I will think of many more things to share with you at a later date.  Do you agree or disagree with these things? Comment and share your thoughts…I’m listening!!






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