I come from a very long line of wonderful cooks, both on my mother and father’s side. I’d swear they could go up against the best chefs in the world and teach them a thing or two. From my Nanny Ray’s delicious homemade dressing that she would make for the holidays to my Nanny Cox’s green beans and homemade yeast rolls, I’ve got oodles and oodles of recipes that I adore.

We all have those special dishes that we love to request and see brought  to family reunions and get togethers. I have always felt so sorry for people who had to grow up eating sub-par cooking because I want others to get to experience the wonderful things that I have had the pleasure of enjoying my whole life. Now I mean no offense to anyone who says they cannot cook but I hope to share with you some of my family’s favorite dishes in the hopes that it gets you stirring around in your own kitchen.

Let’s just establish right now that I make no claims of being able to chop, dice or saute’ the way that Rachael Ray, Ree Drummond or Sunny Anderson do but I sure love to try. I guess because I also love to eat, LOL!  To me when you cook for someone you are really giving them a little piece of yourself because if you cook like I do, you pour your heart and soul into preparing it. So now, let’s get to cooking!!

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