My Sister, My Friend

For those of you who have the privilege of being a sibling then you know too well all of the wonderful things that come with that. I am the oldest child and I have a sister, Jennifer, who is just twenty months younger than I am.

Steph and Jen 1

In school we were always a grade apart and we shared a bedroom and even the same bed for most of our childhood. Sometimes that was so difficult. You see, she has always been the free spirit while I was the conservative, straight laced one. She never worried too much about things and was a fly by the seat of her pants kind of gal and I was always the worrier and tried to think of everything that could go wrong.

Steph and Jen 3

I grew up being a mother hen to her and I am certain I was a thorn in her side most of the time. She hung out with friends and had fun while I usually stayed home. I have a ton of fun and crazy memories that we share. We can always make each other laugh and we can tell by one uttered word if the other one is not OK. If I cry, she cries and vise versa. We could get into some of the worst fights ever but you just let anyone else try and mess with either of us and we would always come to each others rescue.

Steph and Jen 2

 One time while we were on vacation at Disney World with our parents, we stayed at a nice hotel that had a restaurant inside of it that had it’s own little restaurant type area for the kids. I’m guessing this was to allow the parents an opportunity to enjoy a nice dinner alone while the kids could eat and be entertained themselves.

Steph and Jen

I remember thinking how neat this place was and how grown-up it made me feel. They had little booths and all and when they came around to take our dinner order and me being the “boss” that I was, I proceeded to tell them what I wanted along with what I thought my sister wanted. “I’ll have the spaghetti and she’ll have the chicken” I remember saying so loud and boastful!!Steph and Jen 8 I was large and in charge or so I thought but what I really was doing was just being the overbearing big sister that I’ve always been. To this day that still bothers her. I grew up competing in pageants (don’t judge, it was my mom’s doing) while my sister sat back and supported me. It never once occurred to me how she must have felt until one year when we both participated in a pageant and had to compete against each other and she won.

She is a beautiful woman, inside and out and I look up to her so much today.

Here I had been winning and placing in local pageants for years so I just knew I had it in the bag but for once my sister received all the glory and praise. At the time I was upset and my pride was hurt but as I grew up some I realized I needed to be taken down a notch or two. I think in some small way she always felt she lived in my shadow.

Jen 6

She is a beautiful woman, inside and out and I look up to her so much today. She is strong, compassionate and she’s always there for her friends and family whenever they need her and she is a wonderful mother to my nephew and nieces.

Steph and Jen 4

I would not be the person that I am today without her love and encouragement. My friendship with her is one that I truly treasure. I’ve got her back and she’s got mine!

She may never know it but she has always been the wind beneath my wings. I love you Jennifer and I’m sorry about ordering you the chicken.

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  1. Hayden | 30th Aug 16

    This is so very sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michael Cox | 30th Aug 16

    I love this story and i love both of you! The pictures are great. This is a true story of which i know from the other side, Love Dad.

  3. Jennifer Howell | 17th Nov 16

    Sister, I love you so much!!! I am really not still mad about you ordering me the chicken.

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