Too Much Sun?? Help is Here With Solar Recover!!

Have you ever stayed out in the sun a bit too long and found yourself with a nasty sunburn? Well I have a product that you have got to try next time this happens.


My sister shared this liquid magic with me a few years ago and I make sure to always have some on hand. It is a must have for my beach trips. It’s called Solar Recover Skin Hydrating Mist and it really is a great product. I try to be very diligent about using sunscreen but sometimes things happen and unfortunately a sunburn occurs. We’ve all been there but have no fear because this mist takes the sting out almost immediately and leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed.


It has the most wonderful scent and it is not greasy whatsoever. It really does leave your skin feeling so much better and you can also feel good about using it because it is made with only natural ingredients that are never tested on animals. You know that feeling when you have gotten too much sun and your skin feels tight? Well, Solar Recover takes care of that almost instantly and as an added bonus, it also wards off peeling. Crazy right, but its so true! That alone should be reason enough to try it but it also has many more added benefits for your skin.


Solar Recover is also inexpensive and can be found online as well as in some beach shops. At less than $13 a bottle, it really is a great bargain and the bottle is a good size too. All around it is a wonderful product that I swear by and highly recommend.

You too can see for yourself how great this product is.  Check out their website at or on Facebook at

If you have used this wonderful mist tell me what you think!

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