Loco for Local Taco!

Two words…  LOCAL TACO!!

We had the wonderful privilege of attending the soft opening of Local Taco this past weekend and what a great night it was. Local Taco is an up and coming eatery that will open to the public October 3. It’s located in the Whole Food shopping center at 920 Bob Wallace Avenue, Suite 310. We arrived to see this great spot that was already jumping. It has a very open feel with a fantastic bar that is visible as soon as you begin walking towards the entrance.

Glass windows adorn the place and there is even a garage door that is sure to be open on days when the weather permits. This is by far no ordinary taco joint.  Local Taco uses local ingredients and believe that fresh is best, which is evident upon tasting the wonderful dishes that they serve. We made our way to the bar to grab a seat and were quickly brought out their trio of dips with chips. The chips were thin, crisp and salted to perfection. The trio of dips were nothing short of delightful. Creamy, fresh, fragrant and tangy are just a few words that come to mind when trying to describe them all.


We had a margarita that was spot on and patiently awaited what was to come next. We were brought out a tray of the most heavenly looking taco creations that one could only imagine. Warm and soft homemade tortillas filled with delicious ingredients such as Beer Braised Brisket with BBQ sauce, Nashville Hot Chicken with Wickles Pickles, Spicy Baja Shrimp with Boom Boom Sauce, Fried Catfish with Coleslaw, House Marinated Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce, Adobo Marinated Pork with Grilled Pineapple Salsa and Smoked Chicken with Alabama White Sauce.


Just when we thought we had picked our favorite, we were delighted to find that the next taco soon took it’s place. We even had these wonderful little flavor bombs called Mexi-Tater Tots. Talk about wow!


One of the other many things that was so impressive about their menu is the house made sauces that can be added to any of their Mexi Bowls or tacos. And it would be a total disservice if we did not mention their Street Corn. I mean you cannot live in the south and not love noshing on a big ole ear of corn. It was so flavorful and had a wonderful little kick…a real taste bud overload!


Local Taco also has many other flavorful side dishes as well as salads, quesadillas and fajitas. I guess it goes without saying that we are now big fans of Local Taco and we look forward to the huge success that they are going to be here in Huntsville. Please go out and give them a try! We promise, you will not be disappointed.

Check out Local Taco’s website by Clicking Here!

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  1. Lynda S | 26th Sep 16

    The food was sooooo good, wasn’t it?! The frozen margaritas were a great way to start the evening, IMO. 🙂 I loved the Nashville Hot Chicken taco and the guac – it was so fresh. I just about could have eaten it with a spoon.

    It was so nice meeting the two of you at the event. I wouldn’t be surprised if we ran into each other at Local Taco, KWIM?

  2. jamesandsteph | 26th Sep 16

    You are so right Lynda! The food and drinks were incredible! Local Taco is going to be a big hit in Huntsville.

    It was great meeting you and your husband! It was a real pleasure getting to know you both. I’m certain we will be running into each other soon!

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