The Leopard Ladies of Huntsville

Welcome Julie Noles our first guest blogger and also my wonderful cousin!  Enjoy!

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I love my friends! We are crazy. Well, they are crazy and I just tag along (you believe that, right?). Leopard Ladies 1, 2 & 3 all met at a Christmas party (none of us can remember what year) and became immediate friends. We bonded over our four-legged hairy children and the lack of the two legged hairless variety. We, along with our husbands, soon began celebrating holidays, birthdays, cooking great meals and traveling together.  We have varied backgrounds and professions and definitely different personalities.  Those personalities are quite visible at the yearly Halloween parties.  But that is what makes it so fun.Leopard Ladies 3

Sitting around one day (and by sitting around I mean we were likely eating and drinking) we started talking about the Red Hats.  Leopard 2 had been considering going to the dark side.  I do believe she has dabbled, but we aren’t holding that against her since she is the oldest one! The concept was great but we thought we were too young and cool for that overall.  So we said we needed something that fit us more.  I’m not even sure if any other names came up but once Leopard Ladies was suggested – that was IT.Leopard Ladies 2Leopard 4 was then added.  This was not an open group.  There was no application process and we had no intent of adding to this exclusive group.  We aren’t even sure how it happened but I think Leopard 4 just declared it. And you kinda do what she says.  She is a cat person but somehow, again it just works. She does take the leoparding VERY serious and elevates leopard attire to a whole new level.

Leopard Ladies 8Initially, it was our excuse to wear a lot of leopard print and be gaudy and silly. And still is really.  In 2016, we had the opportunity to debut our group in a great way.  We could march in the Mardi Gras parade to raise money for The Blount House.  But we would need more than 4 people.  So we put it out there.  Who wants to be an honorary Leopard Lady?Leopard Ladies 6  We had a great turnout and everyone had the true spirit of the Leopard Ladies – The Gaudier the Better!!  I believe everyone had a great time.  It got serious as our resident choreographer, Leopard 2, created routines for the music we used. There were videos and practice sessions. We had two convertible mustangs and a truck carrying our Leopard Men and the music.Leopard Ladies 5We had a great time for a great cause.  The fun part was seeing just how many ladies really had a leopard lady in them.  We all want to be part of a group, right?  However, varied and different we are – we all want to be part of something larger.  So larger or smaller, like the original 4 – I hope you have a group. A pack to run with. It certainly makes life more fun and entertaining.
  We all need different types of friends.  The social friend that gets you out when you need it, the friend that brings the duct tape and shovel, the friend that knows when you are having a bad day and will bring the wine. I’m so lucky to have these ladies as my friends! Love to the Leopards!!

Leopard Ladies 9
Leopard Ladies 2016

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