Fall in love with Taziki’s

Well we are finally getting a break from the cold rain we have been experiencing here in Huntsville. Today the weather was absolutely perfect for a place that offered outside seating as well as something refreshing and yummy. We made our way to Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe (click here for website) in Madison and boy were we blown away!

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe
Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

The sign itself is eye catching and fun so we made our way in and our noses were immediately hit with the most awesome smells. You walk in and see a very open type feel with the cook staff visible. As you walk the path to the area where you place your order you can see the top of the cook staff’s heads but you are drawn to see more. What yummy concoctions are they creating that is causing these wonderful smells to permeate through the air? I couldn’t help myself so I stood up on my tippy toes and had a quick look. I could see lots of colorful salads with bright red tomatoes, glistening greens and purplish olives. I could also see delicious grilled meats atop mounds of rice accompanied by more salads and sides. This place is a treat first for your eyes followed by your tummies.

Their menu offers many choices so it was hard to decide on what to try for our first trip. After careful consideration, we decided to first try the dolmades as an appetizer.


If you have never had these yummy bundles of love, you really should give them a try. It is this wonderfully flavorful rice with spices and onions wrapped up in grape leaves. The rice is yellow in color and offers notes of lemon and cumin and the grape leaves are very tender and flavorful. For the main dish, I opted for the grilled chicken with a side of basmati rice which came with a side salad, tzatziki sauce and pita chips. The grilled chicken was as tender as a mother’s love. ( My sweet PawPaw Ray loved to say this, God love him) It had the most amazing flavor of herbs and spices. The rice was cooked and flavored to perfection and paired wonderfully with the chicken. The salad was so fresh and delicious with roasted red peppers, olives and fresh feta cheese and it had the most amazing dressing. I cannot say enough about how scrumptious the pita chips and tzatziki sauce were, Yum Yum!!  (*Try the chicken with the tzatziki sauce also, it’s so good!!)

Grilled chicken
Grilled chicken

James chose the grilled chicken gyro and let me tell you it did not disappoint! It too had the delicious grilled chicken, grilled purple onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce all wrapped up in the freshest, most delicious pita flatbread. Oh my goodness it was a real party in your mouth. The things in that gyro were nothing short of fabulous! It came with a side so he chose the pasta salad and it was like an explosion of flavor in your mouth for sure! It was made up of  beautiful fusilli pasta, chopped fresh tomatoes and feta crumbles and it was coated with the tastiest dressing. You immediately taste fresh basil and olive oil and then you get the tenderness of the pasta and the bite of the feta which made the most wonderful combination. It is a must try!!

Pasta salad
Pasta salad with chicken gyro

I think it is safe to say that Taziki’s is now a fav of ours that I know I will be craving all the time! Comment and let me know what your favorite things are at Taziki’s!



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