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One of our favorite places in the world is just a short two hour drive from Huntsville in Arrington, TN.  Nestled on a hillside this old hog farm is now home to Arrington Vineyards.  The old farm was bought by Kix Brooks from the Award winning country duo, Brooks and Dunn and fellow wine enthusiast.  In 2007 Arrington Vineyards was officially licensed and quickly became an award winning winery.IMG_0162

Even though the vines haven’t started getting their leaves yet, it is still such an enchanting and beautiful place to spend a sunny afternoon.  Steph and I packed our picnic basket with amazing chicken salad from Chicken Salad Chick.  We also packed croissants, cheeses, crackers, and  grapes.

When you get there, you are greeted by some of the nicest people you will ever meet and if your hands are full, grab a ride on one of their many courtesy carts to the tasting room at the top of the hill.  As you ride up the drive there are couples and families all along the hillside. Some are sitting on picnic tables some on blankets with glasses of wine in their hands and others with their kids running around tossing the frisbee or playing a quick game of cornhole.

Steph and I set our little piece of paradise up and headed to the Tasting Room where we purchased a couple bottles of wine. We looked around at all the awards the vineyard had received and checked out some of Brooks and Dunn’s memorabilia before we headed back to the blanket to have our picnic.  We came last year to see Kix perform live and did he put on an amazing show! The wine sales and donations went to The Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.  We are definitely going back this year!

After we ate, we took a stroll to help burn some of those delicious calories.  We walked to the Grand barn, which is this huge red barn with bluegrass music piping out of it.  We just had to go check it out.  Arrington Vineyards hosts “Music in the Vines” every weekend throughout the warmer months and let me tell you the music is great!!

When you walk up to the barn you see an area for tasting and an area for sales but the middle of the barn has a tall stairway right in the barn door.  As you walk up the stairs it opens into this huge room, perfect for a wedding, a reception or even a good old fashioned hoedown!  Grasstime is the bluegrass band playing and they reminded me so much of the movie Oh, Brother Where Art Thou!  Man, I love that music!

As we made our way back to gather our things to head home, we stopped by the tent set up beside the Tasting Room and watched a little jazz band and wow they were amazing!  The lead guitarist reminded me so much Carlos Santana’s style.

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We really have an amazing time every time we  go to Arrington and I know you will too. If you have never been, it’s the perfect time to pack your picnic basket and take the short drive to Arrington and enjoy this beautiful place!!  Let us know what you think about Arrington Vineyards and if you know of other great wineries and vineyards we would love to hear about them too!

Talk to you soon!

James Sig

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