Eclectic and Fun Historic Community… NorthShore!!

Let me tell you about this great little town we stumbled upon while visiting Chattanooga, Tennessee one weekend. It’s a cool, eclectic little spot just across the river called NorthShore.Northshore 2

The first thing you can’t help but notice is the beautifully designed architecture that surrounds you. It’s a place that draws you in and beckons you to check out all that there is to this city. There are shops everywhere and a ton of fun places to stop in for a bite.

Good Dog 1

We were a little hungry when we first pulled in to NorthShore so we decided to check out this little place we had heard so many good things about.  Good Dog is this amazing little gourmet hot dog restaurant that definitely lives up to it’s name! Read our post about Good Dog by clicking here!

Northshore 5

They even have a great little ice cream shop called Clumpies Ice Cream Co. that you really must try.  They have the classic flavors that we all know and love but they also have these wonderfully amazing handcrafted flavors that are sure to delight! Flavors like Whiskey Peach and Strawberry Basil and they let you try before you buy so get your taste buds ready for a real treat!

Northshore 7

There are so many fun little places to try like this funky little organic juice bar and across from it is this Sushi restaurant that we plan to try on our next trip there.

Northshore 11

While strolling around NorthShore you really must go down by the Tennessee River to Coolidge Park.  What a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the scenery.  They have a restored carousel for the kids or for that romantic evening.

Northshore 10

We had a great time walking the beautiful bridge from NorthShore to Downtown Chattanooga. From there, you are just a  few short steps away from the Tennessee Aquarium, IMAX, Creative Museum and the High Point Climbing Gym.

Northshore 13

North Shore is a real trendy kind of place that you will definitely want to put on your list of destinations to visit.

Find out more about beautiful NorthShore on their website and go take a visit!  We believe you will love the town, the people and the breathtaking views!

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