Beat the Clock at Huntsville Escape Rooms

Can You Escape?

Do you enjoy solving riddles and having your mind challenged? Well we would like to recommend a great adventure for you. Huntsville now has escape rooms. It’s popularity is growing leaps and bounds and no wonder because it is so much fun!

Huntsville Escape Rooms 2
Our guides! What a great group!!

We had heard about the rooms and our curiosity got the better of us so we looked the website up and decided to schedule our appointment to do one of the rooms. It really focuses on working as a team as we all have different strengths and weaknesses so this would be a great idea if you are wanting to build strong teamwork within your business that is not boring and is packed with a ton of fun.

You have one hour to solve the riddle and you are only given a short introduction about the story-line but if you dare make it out before the time ends, you get bragging rights along with other cool stuff. The cost is $25 per person but I can absolutely say that it is worth every penny!

Huntsville Escape Rooms 1
Hayden and Zach! We didn’t make it but had a blast!

I love having my mind and thought process challenged and this experience did not disappoint.  If you have church youth groups who need fun activities to do this summer or if you are just looking for a way to spend some fun times with friends, give Huntsville Escape Rooms a call and schedule your appointment today!  

Click here to visit the Huntsville Escape Rooms website.

When you go try it, comment us and tell us what you thought!!

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