Ayy Eeee!! Great Times & Great Food at The Cajun Steamer

Have you ever been to a restaurant that you found yourself just falling in love with? Well for us The Cajun Steamer is that place. Click here to check out their site and incredible menu!  This is by far one of our most favorite places to sit back and relax, have a few drinks and enjoy some delicious Cajun grub! It sits on the corner of Gallatin and Pelham and it is one happening little place where you can experience great Cajun flavor and atmosphere right here in downtown Huntsville!


With four other locations around the South you can get your cajun fix just about anytime you need it!!  This place is such a sensory overload with the sights, sounds and smells! It draws you in and captures your attention.


You immediately get a sense that this place is popular because of the crowds it draws. I mean what better way to gauge how great a place is than  seeing a crowd standing around waiting to get seated, am I right?! You walk in and are hit with the most amazing smells from all of the wonderful dishes they serve. Your eyes are drawn to follow the waitstaff as they carry the plates of food to the tables…trying to get just a glimpse of what they may have.20160409_160316

You see a great looking bar filled with folks quenching their thirst while listening to the sounds of sweet bayou music! If you go on a weekend night you most likely will have to wait but fear not because they allow you to grab a drink at the bar then head outside to pass the time until your table becomes available. They also offer outside seating when the weather permits. They have a wide range of various specialty drinks as well as all your favorite kinds of beer.20160423_182003

The atmosphere at Cajun Steamer beckons you to linger and play catch-up with your pals or enjoy the evening finding out how your sweetie’s week has been. We have been multiple times and have always loved the various dishes we have ordered.

If you live in Huntsville and have not been to this place you simply must give it a try!







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