10 Ways to Start Your Day Off Right

We all have those mornings that we just don’t want to put our legs over the edge of the bed and stop staring at the inside of our eyelids!  Come on…..the bed feels so warm and comfy and the night before you stayed up late watching a good movie or your favorite TV show, maybe studied for an exam, or tried to complete that blog post that’s been on the tip of your fingers but you can’t seem to type.  I would fit in the latter of the three!!

vintage-1314047_640 Anyway, you’re tired and you need your sleep but that blasted alarm clock, you know the one that crows like an annoying rooster  and says to you, “HEY, Wake up!!  You have to be at work in an hour and you can’t be late!” UGH!!

Here are 10 ways to help you get your day started a little easier and hopefully make you feel a little better about your mornings!

  1. The night before, PREPARE for your morning!  Lay your clothes out, program your coffee maker to start up as you are getting your shower, put your morning ritual items (brush, hair dryer, make up, etc.) in the spot you like to get ready, and try taking Melatonin.  This little all natural sleep aid will let you easily drift off to sleep and not give you drowsy morning side affects. (It can be purchased at your neighborhood dollar store)
  2. Put your alarm clock where you have to get out of bed to turn off that damn annoying rooster crowing.  This way you are already out of bed and your blood is pumping and you are more alert and awake. It’s just way too easy to hit the snooze button if it’s beside you on the nightstand causing you to oversleep.
  3. Take a few moments to thank the Man upstairs for giving you another day to enjoy, even if it is spending it at the office the next ten hours….it’s so much better than the alternative, right?happy-1199941_640
  4. Cut on the TV or radio and listen to your favorite music channel.  This is a great way to wake you up a little more and make you mentally feel better and happier.
  5. Take a good hot shower and relax a little and let the warm massaging effects of the water invigorate you.  You will feel refreshed, clean and ready to take on the day!
  6. Make you a good hot cup of go juice. (coffee or tea)  Coffee is not only a good pick me up, but there have been many studies that show coffee is really good for you too.  Personally, I froo-froo mine up a little cause I’m just not a black coffee person but I still get the caffeine and the pick me up.coffee-1242153_640
  7. Make you a little something to eat.  Toast, yogurt, a breakfast bar…anything to give you a little nourishment and boost to help you finish getting ready .
  8. Once you are dressed, make a mental checklist: Do I have my keys, purse, wallet, phone? Did I unplug everything?  Then give yourself a once over in the mirror.  This would be a good time to have a little morning pep talk with yourself about the wonderful day you are going to have!  A positive attitude = a positive morning = a positive day = a positive life!
  9. Before you leave the house, Kiss your kids, kiss your spouse, pet the dog or cat and tell them all you love them. The reciprocation will definitely make your morning drive much more bearable.morning-1069218_640
  10. Be positive every chance you get!  It spreads like wildfire!  Now that great start to your morning turns into a great day for you no matter what situations arise because you are ready to tackle them!

We all know that not all of our mornings are going to be sunshine and rainbows, but if you try to take these steps, even a few of them, it can help you have a better day!

A positive attitude = a positive morning = a positive day = a positive life!”

If you are one of those early risers, go outside and watch the sun rise while you drink your cup of coffee, or while taking a jog or stroll.  Take that time to meditate on all the good things in your life and thank the Lord for blessing you and making it all possible!


If you have some good start to your morning tips, please share them with us and other readers by commenting below.  We would certainly love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

I hope your mornings are great and your days even better! 🙂





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